Anime Expo 2018 Convention Report

Another year at Anime Expo! This year was busy as usual, but badges were mailed out this year after the long line fiasco of last year. All badges came with an RFID chip that needed to be scanned to enter and exit, attendees needed to pick up only lanyards and swag bags. Exhibitors still had to pick up badges in person but it was quick and simple.  There was a bit of miscommunication during set-up. Months prior to AX, exhibitors are sent emails and updates on when, where, and how to set up. Every year we are given wristbands to..  - Read More

Anime Expo 2017 Convention Report

SixOn Clothing was at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA. It's always much easier when a convention is on home turf with less traveling. =] The convention was a bit unusual this year, running from Saturday to Tuesday (due to July 4th falling on a Tuesday this year). However, that did not stop the mass amount of crowds from forming. It was PACKED on the first day, with many many stories of general attendees having to wait 5+ hours for their badges. There were still MANY attendess inside the exhibit hall, the front area was practically shoulder-to-shoulder. Lines for booth..  - Read More

E3 2017 Recap (By A Neon Badge Holder)

SixOn was at E3 this year, albeit through general attendance. I tried to register as industry but there were far too many credentials and requirements to comply. Even my DH (let's call him Kirito), who is an employee of the electronics giant, Newegg, and his colleagues had difficulty registering to no avail. We opted to get general admission, the controversial neon yellow/green badge. Ah, there was much animosity for the neon badge holders from the industry holders. I didn't pay much attention to it, but it seemed like there was a lot of glares and hate upon the general attendees...  - Read More

Fanime 2017 Convention Report

SixOn Clothing was at Fanime 2017 up in San Jose, CA. The drive was long but San Jose is always welcoming! With a busy schedule, only some of the more popular designs were brought (aiming to change that with the upcoming Anime Expo!). Set-up was simple, the folks at the convention center are always helpful. The takoyaki stand is always a life saver; the lines get incredibly long during the day but we manage to go before the hall opens, energy for the day! Food in San Jose is quite tasty (get the Vegetarian pizza from Il Fornaio in the..  - Read More

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