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Anime Expo 2018 Convention Report

July 10, 2018

Anime Expo 2018 Convention Report

Another year at Anime Expo!

This year was busy as usual, but badges were mailed out this year after the long line fiasco of last year. All badges came with an RFID chip that needed to be scanned to enter and exit, attendees needed to pick up only lanyards and swag bags. Exhibitors still had to pick up badges in person but it was quick and simple. 

There was a bit of miscommunication during set-up. Months prior to AX, exhibitors are sent emails and updates on when, where, and how to set up. Every year we are given wristbands to allow access on Day -1 and Day 0, however, this year without any prior notification, we were not allowed to enter on Day 0 to set-up unless we had a badge. This was the first time ever we needed an actual badge to even set-up, it contradicted the emails, guidelines, and even the day-of move-in letter we were given that wristbands would suffice. It was a minor inconvienence since I was going to pick up badges early anyhow, but other exhibitors were unhappy about the lack of notification, and I saw firsthand an exhibitor who was livid and made a scene at the badge pickup. Hopefully next year it would be more clear for both us and the staff.

Frozone Cosplayer Being Interviewed

I was indoors most of the convention, but everyone I spoke to told me of the unbearable heat wave that struck Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures soared into the triple digits, and some attendees had passed out from the heat. A friend told me that ambulances were called to the convention center several times. I stepped out at evening when the hall closed it and it burned just to be outside. ~.~

Cup Noodle Cosplay

Professor Snape Cosplay

Gerudo Cosplay

Across from us this year, voice actors Cristina Vee (Sailor Mars, Noel Vermillion, Riven) and Nathan Sharp were signing autographs. Sailor Mars is my sister's favorite, so I asked if it were okay to give Cristina Vee a Sailor Mars hoodie. I was a bit nervous but she was very kind! She even signed a print for my sister and posed for a pic with the hoodie.

Voice Actress Cristina Vee with the Sailor Mars Hoodie

Next to them were YouTubers SuperMega. They had a crowd of fans the entire weekend. They're barely visible in this pic:

I am very humbled and super happy to have met everyone who stopped by! Despite the heat, fans still enjoyed the hoodies, and it was a bit cold inside the exhibit hall with the strong AC.

Hopefully there won't be a heat wave again. =D We'll see everyone again next year! =)

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