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The name SixOn is a play on words: in Japanese, the number 6 is “roku”, pronounced very similarly like “rock”. Hence, “Roku-On” (Rock-On) became SixOn.

SixOn is a USA-based, gamer-culture driven company, focusing on handmade clothing and game inspired merchandise. SixOn's products are inspired from video games and anime, taking distinguishing features from characters and styles to create recognizable and unique garments and accessories, yet are casual enough and eye-catching for everyday wear. Products are designed by nerd and seamstress: Nancy, and are available only through SixOn.

Hoodies are all handmade by Nancy alone. Most corporates do not care for attention to detail and look to only maximize profits. Large quantities of a product diminishes the worth and value; one’s most favorite jacket can be shared with thousands of others. SixOn focuses more on the care, details, and fanbase, striving to represent the values and uniqueness of each garment that was made specially for you.

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