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Anime Expo 2019 Convention Report

July 10, 2019

Anime Expo 2019 Convention Report

Anime Expo 2019 Edition!

The weather was nice this year especially compared to last year's heat wave. It was relatively cool in the morning with the temperature warming up to only the high 70s to low 80s in the afternoon.

The calm before the storm

Behind the scenes at Anime Expo, the exhibit hall before opening hours

Many thanks to all the fans that stopped by! I loved seeing everyone in their cosplays and Organization XIII hoodies and coats, those were the highlights of my day. It was super awesome to meet everyone who found me through my website, social media, Etsy, and even Kickstarter! :)

The Kingdom Hearts swim wear made their debut at the show. The shipment of Sora swim trunks and Riku bikini came just in time right before AX. The bikinis were delayed by the July 4th holiday and finally arrived Saturday night (I was able to bring it on the last day). The reception was positive, I look forward to introducing new designs soon! :)

It was very crowded as usual, but one thing I heard a lot of attendees complain about were the long and disorganized lines. Many had to wait hours to even get inside, and those who were already inside waited in even more lines for panels/events, only to be to turned away last minute due to seating capacity. There was a showing where no one knew where to line up properly, and when the doors opened everyone made a mad dash to get inside. Hopefully it will be better next year.

Postman Link with the Bunny Letter

Cosplay from the Breath of the Wild sequel

The other thing, earthquakes!! The first that happened was the 6.1 in Ridgecrest, CA at 10:33am on July 4th. I was in the exhibit hall at the time and did not feel it at all and only found out after receiving text messages. It didn't seem like attendees that were in the hall noticed either. The second larger one occured on July 5th at 8:19pm, registering a 7.1. I was home at the time and was checking my phone when I felt the shaking. I looked up at my lamp and window shades and saw both were swaying and realized it was another earthquake. It felt like a strong one and lasted for a long time. Fortunately there wasn't damage, but I heard that some AX attendees actually felt that one at the convention center.

Food was extremely expensive this year ($20 for a regular beef and cheese quesadilla!), and it was also tricky to find the AX food trucks. It was annouced that the food trucks were right across the street from the South Hall, but no one seemed to be able to find it. I found out later it was about a block down and heard many food vendors lost a lot of money from the miscommunication.

A random occurance was a bird in the exhibit hall. I saw it swoop down nearby, some were saying it was a hawk.

Overall it was another year at AX. I'll see everyone next year!! :)

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