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Pokemon GO Trainer Hoodies

Pokemon GO inspired cosplay hoodies are now available! I designed the trainer hoodies a bit more simple to keep costs low and to avoid fully copying the official avatar look. Orange is not available yet while I look for a good quality fabric in a matching color. I've been catching Pokemon every chance I get (when the servers are up haha).  - Read More

Undertale Hoodies

Undertale hoodies are now available on! Currently the player characters and Papyrus are available. I will be adding more once the convention season slows a bit. I spent a long time trying to figure out name and descriptions that would not spoil too much of the game. It was a bit tricky, but I hope it will suffice! I want everyone who has not played the game to thoroughly enjoy it, it's definitely an amazing game that makes you feel for the characters. Go give it a try! The stripes on the main hoodies are individually cut and carefully..  - Read More

Cosplay Fashion Show Tidbits + New Macross Hoodies

SixOn Clothing's cosplay fashion show was amazing!! We had a bit of rain here in SoCal but that didn't stop some very devoted attendees from showing up, the turnout was fantastic! There was a large team of photographers and videographers, I'll be typing a much more thorough blog of the cosplay fashion show once more content is ready! In the meanwhile, I have added one of the collections to the store, Macross! There are designs from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and Macross Frontier. I based Lynn Minmay and Sheryl Nome from their recognizable stage outfits, and Ranka Lee from the..  - Read More

MGSV Hoodies

SixOn Clothing's latest designs are inspired by the incredible game Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain. I remember the huge hype when the game was annouced and everyone teetering for any updates or trailers, and when something was announced the hype started all over again. Kojima definitely left a great legacy. I'd been wanting to design a Snake hoodie for some time, but his outfits are general military , it would have been difficult to distinguish it specifically as "Snake". When Phantom Pain came out, I saw the outfit and jumped on it, I knew I could create something and..  - Read More

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