New Products, Roxas Redesigned

A bunch of new products have been added to the store! I've had these product ideas for a while and I'm so excited to finally have them up!!! XD I've added gaming themed jewelry, hair clips, and socks to the shop so far. Those are actually manufactured since I don't have the means to handcraft such products. Quick way to tell if it's handmade or not is the price, products ending in ".99" would be manufactured. I do make sure to work with reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. I try to come up with products that currently do not exist, and..  - Read More

2018 Plans

There's a lot of new stuff coming to SixOn Clothing this year! First thing will be small tweaks to the website. I've been working on making it mobile responsive, or at least making it look better on phones. =D I'm working on making it overall easier to navigate and shop especially with new stuff coming up: For hoodies, I'll be adding more Kingdom Hearts designs soon and have new styles and apparel in the works. I've been drafting up more fitted versions of the hoodies, plus I've been dabbling in dress designs. More designs should be added earlier in the..  - Read More

Into the New Year

Wishing everyone a wonderful and Happy New Year! The past year kept me busy with events and convention scheduling then the Pokemon Go trend then followed by the holiday season. I hadn't had a break for months and months, I think I worked nonstop for the majority of '16. For this year I have new designs that I had prepped last year but didn't have the opportunity to add them to the line. I'm aiming to add them once I catch up to post-holiday orders. During Xmas time I made a Jaina Proudmoore of World of Warcraft hoodie for my..  - Read More

Pokemon GO Trainer Hoodies

Pokemon GO inspired cosplay hoodies are now available! I designed the trainer hoodies a bit more simple to keep costs low and to avoid fully copying the official avatar look. Orange is not available yet while I look for a good quality fabric in a matching color. I've been catching Pokemon every chance I get (when the servers are up haha).  - Read More

Attack on Titan

A new year is upon us! Many thanks to all who have supported SixOn Clothing, here's to a new year! The latest hoodie collection is from the hugely popular anime, Attack on Titan. I designed it as a cropped hoodie style to replicate their cropped jackets and added emblems to both shoulders and the back. The emblems are not painted or slapped on, they are each embroidered and carefully stitched on to last through titan battles. Season two will be be out this year, be sure to pick up a hoodie and have your 3D maneuvering ready! ;)  - Read More

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