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How to wash the Organization XIII Hoodie and Long Coat

June 13, 2019

How to wash the Organization XIII Hoodie and Long Coat

I test washed an Organization XIII Hoodie to test its durability and to be able to provide tried-and-true simple instructions. I used a standard US washing machine and dryer and made sure to measure the hoodie before and after. Remember to remove the chain first! The results:

Wash Only: Machine Washed Cold Water with mild detergent - The measurements remained the same, the fabric quality also remained the same. Do not use bleach.

Wash + Dryer: Machine Dried, Tumble Dry Low with one dryer sheet, and removed promptly - The outer shell fabric material stayed the same and the inside was just a touch fuzzy. The measurements were slightly smaller, around 0.5 inch. The manufacturer assured that it was normal for a higher cotton based fabric, and with use and gentle stretching it would return to normal. I tested it by carefully stretching out the sleeve, and it did return to the normal length.

Ironing: Use only a warm iron for ironing (if the iron is hot, use a pressing cloth/tshirt/fabric, something to protect the hoodie from direct heat). If a hot iron is used directly, it may leave a mark and/or flatten the fibers permanently.

In conclusion: If you wash it with cold water and allow it to air dry, the measurements will remain the same. If you machine dry it, it will shrink only about 0.5 inch, and wearing it normally will stretch it back to its normal size (or gently stretch it back).

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