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SixOn @ KindaFunny Morning Show Aug. 23rd 2017 Recap

I was invited to go on the Kinda Funny Morning show to promote SixOn Clothing. It was one of the coolest things I've ever done!! I had reached out to Greg Miller of Kinda Funny after seeing his Wonder Woman outfit and asked if he'd like a custom Wonder Woman hoodie. He responded that he'd love to see it and if I'd want to be on the Kinda Funny Morning Show. For sure! I made two other custom hoodies (a Superman for Greg and a Kingdom Hearts III Guardian Form Sora for Tim Gettys), and booked a flight. I was totally stoked!!

Right before packing it up to SF

I was up at 4am the day of get to the airport for an early flight. I opted to go to the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA (to avoid LAX traffic). Everything was standard: check-in, security, find the boarding gate, breakfast. All seemed fine, then at 6:07am my flight got canceled:

I tossed my breakfast and rushed to the gate, but oddly there wasn't anyone there. I checked the departure screens and realized the app had given me the wrong gate. T_T I had to rush again to the correct one and found a line of people waiting. The attendant announced the flight was canceled due to weather and there were two alternative flights, San Jose and Oakland. I checked on Google Maps and decided I'll figure out a way to San Francisco and selected the Oakland flight.

In Oakland, I asked around and was directed to take the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to the Coliseum station. From there I studied the map and opted to get off at Daly City and bought a ticket. At the station there was a lot of people and different signs and platforms. I figured the trains shared the same railways so I needed to make sure which was the right train, but I still wasn't sure how the timetables worked. I asked a bystander who helped checked and told me to get onto the next train coming in 2 minutes. Then off to Daly City!

From Daly City I called an Uber to the studio. I'd like to add that I just came from Los Angeles, our summers are in the 80s, 90s degee fahrenheit. I knew San Francisco would be colder and I brought a sweater, but omigawsh I stepped from summer to winter instantly. I was shivering in the car while my Uber driver had a tshirt on with the windows down.

Made it to the Kinda Funny Studios! I got a bit lost but then found the super secret hidden entrance. Greg was incredibly nice and accommodating, he even let me take over Tim's desk while he wasn't there (jk~ just borrowed your chair, thanks Tim~). I showed him the hoodies which he thought were really cool and couldn't wait to show them on air. Tim came in a little after so I stole Nick's chair (thank you Nick~).

With Greg

Prepping before going on air

Show Time! Wednesdays are Kinda Funny Morning Show's Comic Book days, so the hoodies worked right into the segment. After the beginning segment (coffee, comic books, and a dig at The Departed movie), they introduced me into the next segment. I went on screen to present the hoodies, Kevin helped attach the microphone (sorry if I didn't speak loud enough T-T). It was definitely fun being able to interact with Greg and Tim and being able to represent SixOn. Greg and Tim were amazing presenting the hoodies. Make sure you check out the episode!! (Click here for Twitch or Youtube) I didn't see the comments until much later, thank you to everyone for being so kind!

After the episode I chatted a bit with the team. Everyone from Kinda Funny is SO SUPER NICE!!

Kevin hard at work.

Everyone was working so I didn't want to stay too long and bother them. It was really great talking to them (and I'll be getting some additional custom hoodies out soon! ;) ).

Aha! I found the super secret entrance.

I had a few hours before my flight back and went off to Fisherman's Wharf. Even though it was a Wednesday, there were still a LOT of people walking around. I got to walk around the wharf, try the clam chowder, saw Alcatraz from afar, and I saw sea lions! XD

There was a bit of traffic heading to San Francisco Airport SFO and I made it in time, but my flight was delayed several times. It couldn't be helped, there were weather delays and the crew did their best to keep everyone updated and we did take off eventually.

Bye San Francisco!

It was really cool to have been in the Kinda Funny studios and to meet the team behind it. It was amazing, I am very humbled and honored they invited me. The trip was unforgettable, and San Francisco is a great city, do check it out sometime (and bring a sweater!).

Thank you so much KindaFunny!!! XD


Check out this episode on Youtube:


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Hope you had fun on KF. Also, I hope the influx of orders and Web traffic to your site hasn’t been too overwhelming! I love the picture of the sea lions! My favorite animal!

Posted by Doug on August 25, 2017

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