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KH Halloween Town Pudding Cups

October 07, 2020

KH Halloween Town Pudding Cups

I made Halloween themed pudding cups last year with regular Oreos, I thought I'd make it Kingdom Hearts themed by adding the Spiral Hill background from Halloween Town. This isn't so much of a recipe as it is an idea, have fun with it! :)

Halloween Town Pudding Cups


Chocolate Pudding Cups
Pumpkin Mellowcreme candies
Oreo cookies
Black EDIBLE ink


Carefully separate an Oreo into two halves, preserving the creme on one side. Using a black edible ink pen, draw the Spiral Hill onto the cookie. Crumble a few Oreo cookies to create the "dirt" (remove the creme center to make it more crumbly). Top a pudding cup with "dirt", pumpkins, and the Spiral Hill background.

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