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SixOn 5 Year Anniversary Party Recap

SixOn's 5 Year Anniversary Party was held at XLanes LA in Little Tokyo on August 19th, 2017.

It was a fantastic event! The turnout was great and everyone had a good time. I had booked a reserved Dining Area, VIP Bowling Room, Billards, and two karaoke rooms.

I made FFVII Save Point table centerpieces. =D

With Anton Bex (plus photo credit to) @Antontheanton   Facebook

The dining area was spacious and clean, the buffet was set to one side. XLanes even roped off the area just for us. The VIP Mulholland Bowling room was large with six full lanes and lounging areas. The karaoke room had special lights and the song list was updated with current and popular songs.

Large, spacious VIP Bowling Room:

I was told the food was AMAZING. I requested a buffet style with bruschetta, sliders, chicken wings, southwest eggrolls, herbed chicken skewers, and creamy swedish meatballs. I also asked for pizzas and sodas to be sent to the VIP bowling room. Everyone raved on how good the food was. I added an open bar option and Xlanes coordinated the servers and bartenders to bring out the SixOn Cocktails (Heart Containers, Fulton Drops, Hollow Forms, and Phoenix Downs). I was hoping that I didn't make it too cheesy. =D

A Phoenix Down and Heart Container, Photo by @AshPaulsen  Youtube

The managers and staff were superb, XLanes was extremely accommodating and made sure to check on everyone and allowed for extra time to make up for faulty machinery. Even when the booked time was over, they still allowed for the guests to partake so everyone can enjoy everything (some did bowling, then billards, then finished with karaoke!).

If you ever need to find a location in Los Angeles for an event, birthdays, gatherings, definitely give XLanes a try! (I wrote this on my opinion and didn't receive anything free in exchange, they really were super amazing!!)

With Darrel J Del Fin (plus photo credit to) @darreljdelfin  Facebook

I wish had taken more pictures, but I spent most of the time running back and forth checking on everyone (I even forgot to eat the whole night, and I heard the food was sooo good, I shall try it next time!! :tear: ). By the end of the night during karaoke I had to sit down (dem heels :tearss: ). If you had attended, please feel free to send me pictures and I will add them to the blog!

Many thanks to all the guests who came, and many thanks to XLanes LA for being an incredible venue! Till next time, cheers! =D


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