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Holiday Gift Ideas for Gamers - 2018 Guide

November 07, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas for Gamers - 2018 Guide

Christmas shopping time is here! Surprise a video game fan with exclusive clothing, jewelry, and other nerdy gifts for him and for her. Here's a quick list of the best unique and cool holiday gift ideas for the geeky gamer, with game inspired merchandise from Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Last of Us, and Overwatch.

Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Hoodie

With Kingdom Hearts 3 coming very soon, pick up the Organization XIII hoodie for the gamer in your life! It's one of the bestsellers of SixOn Clothing, a favorite amongst Kingdom Hearts fans.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Hoodie

Adding to the KH3 theme, pick up Sora's hoodie based on his newest outfit.

Last of Us Ellie

The annoucement of the latest sequel has left many fans wanting more. Here's an opportunity to shop Ellie's hoodie based on her Fall oufit.

Winged Medic Socks

Socks may be a cliche holiday gift, but here's a sexy twist with Mercy inspired thigh highs. Give it to a gamer gal, or guy (it will fit!), or a simple stocking stuffer.

Skyward Heart Pendant

What better way to show some love than some hearts? Gift it to a beloved one who would love the heart flower pendant based on Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, with a red sparkly heart with green heart shaped leaves like in game.

Halloween Crown Pendant

Maybe a little less love and more fandom? Give a Kingdom Hearts fan a different type of crown pendant, this one is based on Sora's Halloween Town outfit with a center crown and jagged wings on either side.

Destiny's Hair Clip

Gift this to someone that you'd want to share a paopu fruit with, or just a good friend. This hair clip is based on Kairi's keyblade and even has a dangling paopu fruit.

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