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Organization XIII Hoodie Jacket


New version includes a rounder hood with collar, additional stitching in the back! Ships April/May.

Accept darkness...One can still look awesome! This black Organization XIII jacket was inspired by the Organization cloak trench coats in the Kingdom Hearts game. It zips up to a collar with the emblem stitched on front and integrated into the pockets. The sleeves are flared and long, reminiscing of the long coats. The beaded chain is removable (chain/beads may vary). If you want it, don't wait. Act!

  • Great for casual cosplay gamer wear.
  • Oversized hood with collar to cover the face.
  • Organization emblem stitched in front.     
  • Made from soft, warm breathable cotton/polyester.
  • Flared, long sleeves.
  • Additional stitching detail in the back to match the coats.
  • Removable chain.
  • Pockets on either side.
  • Machine washable in cold water. Tumble dry low.

Size Chart:

XSmall Small Medium Large X-Large 2XL
32 in.
36 in.
40 in.
44 in.
48 in.
52 in.
Sleeve Length
24 in.
25 in.
26 in.
27 in.
28 in.
29 in.
22.5 in.
24 in.
25.5 in.
27 in.
28.5 in.
30 in.