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MGSV Hoodies

SixOn Clothing's latest designs are inspired by the incredible game Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain. I remember the huge hype when the game was annouced and everyone teetering for any updates or trailers, and when something was announced the hype started all over again. Kojima definitely left a great legacy.

I'd been wanting to design a Snake hoodie for some time, but his outfits are general military , it would have been difficult to distinguish it specifically as "Snake". When Phantom Pain came out, I saw the outfit and jumped on it, I knew I could create something and it would say "Venom Snake" a surprise.

We were able to do an amazing photoshoot at a local military museum, we were allowed up close to the equipment and vehicles, incuding their helicopter and tanks(!). According to the guide, everything was constructed for wartime, but none were sent into actual battle. These spares eventually made their way into the museum. The tanks do work; there were fresh tank tracks in the ground and the guide said their tanks were often used for filming. Be sure to check out the product pages and social media channels for the awesome military Metal Gear shots we got!


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