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8 Different Ways Zombies Are Named In Video Games

October 17, 2019

8 Different Ways Zombies Are Named In Video Games

Zombies...whether they're slow and determined, or fast and agile, they're scary and out for blood. Gamers better have their equipment ready no matter what these living deads are called.

***Warning, somewhat scary images ahead.***

1. Legend of Zelda - ReDead

Gamers can still feel chills from that paralyzing scream. ReDeads are actually blind, you can go undetected if you walk slowly past them without making a noise.

2. Skyrim - Draugr

"Draugr" means "ghost," "spirit," or "undead" in Old Norse and Icelandic.

3. Dark Souls - Hollow

4. The Last of Us - The Infected (Runners/Stalkers/Clickers/Bloaters)

The Infected was partially inspired by the real life insect-pathogenic fugus: Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. It was featured in an episode of the BBC documentary Planet Earth and featured infected insects that were killed by the fungus. In the game, the infected was started by the Cordyceps spores outbreak that spread to humans due to infected crops from South America. 

5. Mass Effect - Husks

Husk were originally humans that were turned into synthetic-organic "zombies". Humans are captured and placed into devices: over time the body's organs, skin, and water content are converted into cybernetic materials; blood is changed to a sickly green fluid, and the body generates an electrical charge.

6. Fallout - Ghouls

Ghouls were humans that had consistent exposure to concentrated levels of background radiation for an extended period of time, mutating them into the ghoul species. Not all ghouls are mindless savages, there are ghouls who have maintainted their mental faculties and physical prowess despite their outward appearance.

7. Amnesia - Gatherers

Gatherers were originally soldiers who deserted their stations and got lost in the woods. The name "gatherers" was coined after they seem to follow some ambition to steal from living creatures.

8. Left 4 Dead - The Infected

Technically The Infected in this game are not dead, they are living humans who have been infected by the Green Flu virus (a rabies-like pathogen), causing massively increased aggression and loss of many higher brain functions such as speech and self-preservation.



credits to Jeff Marchiafava (GI 06/2018 p. 96), Google, and Wikipages.

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