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It's been a wild ride for the past several months. It was a very hectic holiday season that lead to a SUPER long holiday backorder list, one that lasted only until recently (and we're still catching up!).

SixOn Clothing has now expanded with a studio and full team. Each artisan is personally trained to ensure that all hoodies will continue to have top notch quality and details as ever before! We've been working hard to keep orders going and we'll keep on pushing forward!

I really do want to take the time to apologize and thank everyone who had been incredibly patient with SixOn Clothing throughout the past several and recent months. It had been incredibly busy, coupled with opening a studio, things kept falling behind with mountains of things to do. I really tried my best to be proactive to keep things going with working longer hours and days, opening a studio, hiring a full team, and sending updates as much as I could while sewing as fast as I possibly can..there were just many orders to fulfill. It still is no excuse for the long delays and long wait times...I truly apologize to anyone who had to wait much longer than usual. I promise that as soon as everything is in order, it would not happen again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone for understanding and continuing to support SixOn Clothing! 

We have much to do, and so much more to offer. I can't wait to start posting new designs, giveaways, and ideas again! =)


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