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So Many New Products!

March 02, 2019

So Many New Products!

So many new products!

A lot of new products have been added to SixOn Clothing in the past month. New jewelry designs, fashion garments, accessories, even the Hero's gloves!

The Hero's Gauntlet Gloves are now in stock! I was able to find a manufacturer that was willing to accept a much lower order quantity. When I first thought thought of adapting Link's gauntlets into casual gloves it was super exciting to make it happen, only to become crestfallen when the costs were too high, but then super thrilled again when I found someone who could make it happen! It's now in the shop ready for purchase.

New jewelry designs include Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth's One Winged Angel Wing Pendant, Kingdom Heart's Cloud Wing Pendant, and Breath of the Wild Mipha's pendant and earrings. For Mipha I based it off her headpiece, I really liked the Zora inspired look. For the winged pendants, I had an antique finish look added to give it a more battle-worn, edgy feel.

Be sure to check out the new accessories too, including a Keyblade Bottle Opener and Paopu Dust Mask, for all those Kingdom Hearts Fans. <3

Lastly, cosplay fashion! I've added a bunch of garments inspired by video game characters. Like the hoodies before, I took distinguishing features and incorporated them into everyday garments. These garment pieces are ready to wear with unique details, for casual cosplay and normal daily use. Most are for pre-order at the moment to help raise funds for manufacture.

The Organization XIII Hoodie & Long Coat are getting an updated look, I'll be posting that in a separate blog, but you can check out the Kickstarter in the meanwhile!

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