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New Year 2021

January 04, 2021

New Year 2021

It was a turbulent ride last year with the pandemic, let's look forward to a new year!

So what's starting off the New Year? SixOn will be kicking off the new year with a huge collection with around 12 - 16 (!) new designs. I'd been working on it for months, I'm super excited to unveil it around the beginning of February.

Will SixOn be at any conventions this year? It's hard to say. The COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed worldwide, and it's estimated that most will be inoculated by Summer 2021 (optimistically), Fall 2021 (likely), or far into 2022 (possibility). Until it's absolutely safe to and most have been vaccinated (myself included), we'll all have to wait and see when conventions can start revving up again.

How about new designs? Throughout the year I will be introducing new designs and will also bring back previous hoodie designs. I'm going to add to current collections as well as try my hand at punky and Japaneseque looks.
What about out of stock products? Some of the more popular products are in the process (e.g. Keyblade Bottle Opener) or in planned phases (e.g. Heartless Sports Top) of being restocked. Depending on how the year goes with the looming pandemic and convention closures, we'll have to wait and see if there is enough in the budget to restock older designs.

Be sure to follow SixOn on Instagram and Facebook for updates and announcements.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong! Keep being the awesome YOU, and rock on into the New Year 2021!



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