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NEW Squall Hoodie & KH Christmas Town Dress

December 11, 2020

NEW Squall Hoodie & KH Christmas Town Dress

New to the shop are the Final Fantasy VIII Squall Hoodie and Kingdom Hearts Christmas Town Sora Dress!

The original Squall hoodie was one of the most popular designs from SixOn Clothing. The first version had a more simple version with metal accents and removable fur. There were other elements I wanted to add but was limited to available equipment. The new version finally has everything I had originally envisioned!

The new Squall hoodie has dual pockets: one large regular pocket built into the hoodie, and second hidden one that hides under the snap closure. There are thumbholes at the sleeves to keep your hands extra warm. The fur is still removable, and this time the fur has a soft lining and is removable by button loops. The most recognizable addition is the Griever zipper pull! It's one that's found used as pendants, my manufacturers were able to procure it and add it securely to the hoodie. And as usual, it's made from high quality fabric and designed to last for years. :)

The Christmas Town Sora dress is a new design that I had in my notes for a long time. I took Sora's Christmas Town outfit and changed it into a knit dress with the three crowns down the front and white fur accents. The crowns are embroidered, they were not appliqued, ironed, or painted on; they are securely and professionally sewn to the dress. White fur is sewn to the dress at the cuffs, hem, hood, and there's also a tuft of white fur at the hood base.

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