New Products, Roxas Redesigned

A bunch of new products have been added to the store! I've had these product ideas for a while and I'm so excited to finally have them up!!! XD

I've added gaming themed jewelry, hair clips, and socks to the shop so far. Those are actually manufactured since I don't have the means to handcraft such products. Quick way to tell if it's handmade or not is the price, products ending in ".99" would be manufactured. I do make sure to work with reliable and trustworthy manufacturers.

I try to come up with products that currently do not exist, and can be used more often and incorporated into daily use, subtle nerdy and gaming products to express our inner geek!

The Roxas hoodie was also given an update. The previous design I had was plain and outdated, I decided to redesign it with more details, and include Roxas' pendant as a zipper pull (like the Sora hoodies with the crown pendant).

I still have many ideas and have plans on adding more products down the line, be sure to follow SixOn on social media and sign up to SixOn's newsletter for updates!


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