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Gamer Gift Wrapping

November 18, 2020

Gamer Gift Wrapping

The holiday season is coming! Take a look at SixOn's new service: video game themed gift wrapping for all your gaming gift needs. Choose from Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII, and Gamer.

Kingdom Hearts:

Kingdom Hearts Themed Gift Wrapping
Based on Sora's red and black plaid and wrapped with white ribbon. The key attachment is actually made of metal and reusable.

Legend of Zelda:

Legend of Zelda Themed Gift Wrapping
I went with a more nature theme with leaves and blue flowers based on the "Silent Princess" flowers. I added frosted silver berries for a holiday touch.

Final Fantasy VII:

Final Fantasy VII Themed Gift Wrap
This option has a sparkly "Lifestream" and "materia" along the sides. The "materia" is made from durable glass to give it a glossy shine. I included a pine leaf wrapped with white ribbon for a holiday speck.


Gaming Themed Gift Wrap
Includes Super stars and mini stars, and a pine leaf with frosted red berries (non-edible).

Add one or all to cart, be sure to check the gift wrap listing on how to specify which products you would like wrapped. Have a happy holiday season! :)

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