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Cosplay Fashion Show Tidbits + New Macross Hoodies

SixOn Clothing's cosplay fashion show was amazing!! We had a bit of rain here in SoCal but that didn't stop some very devoted attendees from showing up, the turnout was fantastic!

There was a large team of photographers and videographers, I'll be typing a much more thorough blog of the cosplay fashion show once more content is ready!

In the meanwhile, I have added one of the collections to the store, Macross! There are designs from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and Macross Frontier. I based Lynn Minmay and Sheryl Nome from their recognizable stage outfits, and Ranka Lee from the Nyan Nyan restaurant waitress dress. For Hikaru Ichijou and Alto Saotome, I wanted to do something different from their flight suits and decided to base the hoodies off their VF's. Take a look!



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