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Squall Cosmos Shirt

This cosplay shirt was inspired by Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII, in his Dissidia outfit. The t-shirt is made from a durable double knit fabric and the front design is embroidered on. The zipper in front is functional: the fabric is durable enough to stay open with it unzipped, or zip it up for a casual look.

  • Accurate for cosplay and great for daily wear.
  • Made to last with double knit, wrinkle-resist fabric.
  • Accurate front topstitching.
  • Functional zipper.
  • Machine washable.

03/04/2020 Production has slowed due to the current situation that has affected manufacturers, but production is due to ship this month. 

Size Chart (inches):

Small Medium Large X-Large 2XL
34 - 36
38 - 40
42 - 44
46 - 48
50 - 52
Length measures from front shoulder-meets-collar seam to hem.