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COVID-19 Statement

Hi everyone,

This is Nancy of SixOn Clothing. I want to take the time to address the concerns regarding the current public health situation. The safety of fans is my top priority and I will continue to be diligent on my part:

  • SixOn is open and shipping orders. I run SixOn on my own from my home, there is no giant factory or building for any cross-contamination. I have not been sick nor felt symptoms since the beginning of the year, and have been keeping myself in quarantine and practicing social distancing. In the past two weeks, I have only stepped outside twice: dropping off packages at the post office with no contact with anyone. I frequently wash and sanitize my hands and any surfaces that products come in contact with, I always keep in mind the safety of all fans.
  • Kingdom Hearts Paopu Dust Mask. I have seen an increase of orders for the KH Paopu Dust Mask and would like to address a growing concern of mine. Please remember, the dust masks are for cosplay and cosmetic purposes ONLY, they are not a medical device to prevent the spread of or the catching of viruses. Officials have already released numerous articles that even hospital-grade medical masks can only help contain the virus with someone who is sick. The KH Dust Mask will at most help with its namesake: dust, and possibly pollen and such allergens.
  • Pre-orders. With the virus incapacitating many, factories are slow to reopen or to resume normal production times. I have been able to keep in contact with manufacturers, production is still ongoing and all pre-orders are still scheduled to be shipped. An exact date is not yet known, but updates will be posted as soon as it is available.
  • Giveaway Prizes. If you have been waiting for a prize from previous giveaways, please allow me to address it. I had set aside a significant amount of funds to ship all prizes, but an unfortunate situation came up and the funds poof! disappeared overnight. These funds were saved up over months: I'm a regular person that saved up normal money to do a fun giveaway, I'm not a major company with a plethora of backup funds. When the funds disappeared, I was devastated. There was nothing I can do except to save up small increments here and there and ship out prizes in small batches. I understand that fans are upset and want their prizes, please know I am doing my best to ship them asap, and WILL ship them all. It's been slower than usual as most are spending on necessities in these trying times; I will keep doing my best for all fans to receive their prizes.
I started SixOn Clothing back in 2012 with a passion to provide cosplay everyday wear to fans. It's been amazing throughout the years and I plan on keeping moving forward to provide the best to you. The times these days are tough, but we'll get through them together. From the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone for your support, I will keep striving to do my best. Stay safe, stay healthy!

Best Regards,