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FFVII Remake Tifa Skirt

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The Story So Far...

When Tifa was finally revealed at E3 2019, I was as stoked as everyone to finally see her character, along with her outfit redesign. When I saw her skirt, I knew instantly I had to replicate it. I studied the trailer for hours, I had watched it dozens of times and took at least 50 screenshots from every angle to get the details right. I spent many hours sketching, detailing, researching, determined to make one of the most if not the most accurate replicate of Tifa's skirt. The first prototype arrived recently, it still needs a few tweaks, soon it will be unveiled!

Why purchase FFVII Remake Tifa's Skirt from SixOn:

  • Details. With hours of studying the trailer, over 50 screenshots taken, and every picture online reviewed, this FFVII Remake Tifa skirt is confidently one of the most if not the most accurate replica.
  • Quality. The skirt will be made from a high quality, durable cotton fabric. The fibers are tightly woven with just a bit of stretch. It is comfortable to wear and is machine washable; the fabric will stand up to years of use and wear, made to last.
  • Casual cosplay. For cosplay it will be perfect for Tifa. As a casual wear, it's subtle enough to be worn daily with eye-catching details. Great for casual cosplayers and for everday fashionable wear.
  • Faux Leather Option. For the hardcore cosplayers looking for perfect accuracy! In the game the skirt looks to be made from a leather-y fabric. Once the prototype has been perfected, a pleather/faux leather version will also be attempted.

Chronological Updates:

August 2019 - Second prototype completed. Changes need to be adjusted. Third prototype underway.

July 2019 - Prototype changes in progress.

June 2019 - First prototype construction

June 2019 - Sketching and drafting of Tifa's skirt begins

06/10/2019 - Tifa revealed at E3 2019

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