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Final Heaven Remake Skirt

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Kick some @ss in this cosplay skirt inspired by Tifa Lockhart from the Final Fantasy VII Remake. To get the design as accurate as possible, every angle was studied to tailor a FF7 Tifa skirt for costume and casual every day wear. With over 50 screenshots taken and dozens of trailer views, every detail of the skirt is included, it is a near perfect replica of Tifa's skirt, with minor changes to adapt it for regular wear and fabric construction. Made from a high quality, durable cotton fabric, the fibers are tightly woven with just a bit of stretch. Comfortable to wear and machine washable; this Tifa skirt will stand up to years of use and battles.

08/20/2019 - Pre-order are opened with one final prototype underway. Changes are very minor including: proper top-stitching on the pockets (with bands instead of only thread top-stitching) and belt clasps will be slightly longer.

  • Skirt top portion with embroidered skulls and crossbones.
  • Pleated skirt bottom with skulls.
  • Zipper detail.
  • Asymmetrical shorter front.
  • Belt Loops at the front, side, and back.
  • Side details.
  • Gusseted side pockets.
  • Back top-stitching.
  • Straps with buckles and clasps.
  • Invisible zipper.
  • Made from durable heavy cotton.
  • Machine washable.

Size Chart (inches):

25 - 26 in.
27 - 28 in.
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42 - 43 in.
Back Length
13 in.
13.5 in.
14 in.
14.5 in.
15 in.