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Japanese UFO Catcher Plush Sewing Pattern

Sew your own Japanese style UFO catcher chibi plush doll! This printable downloadable PDF sewing pattern file comes with easy instructions to guide you to make a custom cute human boy or girl plushie based on an anime, video game, book, movie, any character you can think of. If there's a character you love that there isn't a plush of, here's your chance to create one to life, and even customize the outfit and look of a character. Pattern is for the base only, clothing and details patterns are not included. Completed plush stands around 8" tall.

This is my personal pattern that I developed over 10 years ago when I made plushies professionally. I was a stickler for details and made sure each one was perfectly made. Now it's your turn! ;)


Your sewing skill level should be at least beginner to intermediate, beginning handsewing or machine skills would be fine. The PDF pattern is written with simple instructions and photo details, you need to have at least a small understanding of sewing techniques and terms.

The digital download will include:
- PDF Pattern of base only plush - Completed plush will stand around 8" tall
- Sewing instructions in English
- Printer ready, simple layout for easy printing (and saves you ink!)
- Materials and Fabrics List (what official companies use, different materials, etc)
- List of online stores where you can buy all your plush making supplies (fabric, accessories, etc)
- Plush details ideas


Buy purchasing, you have read and agree:
- Individual use *ONLY*. Completed plushies can be kept or given as gifts.

- You may sell the plushes you made yourself at small scale individual personal online shops and at conventions/shows/events/artist alley. Please give credit to "SixOn Clothing".

- Pattern may not be sold, shared, distributed, reproduced, taught, or mass produced in its digital or printed form. It is not for commerical use or for mass production.

- Due to its digital download properties, all pattern purchases are absolutely non-refundable. It is in your possession immediately after payment, if there are any questions please inquire with me first.


Pattern is available immediately after payment.