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FFVII Cloud Soldier Hoodie

by SixOn Clothing
Price $ 90.00

Alright everyone, let's mosey!

Move out! This hoodie was inspired by Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII. The color is purple,matching his uniform along with straps down the front with metal accents. A shoulder "armor" encompasses the left shoulder. The front design in front opens up as pockets. The sleeves are long with "armor" sections. Made from cotton/polyester. Even Cloud would be interested.

Hoodie is handmade and made to order, please allow up to 14 days for construction.

Size Chart:

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large 2XL
34 in.
36 in.
40 in.
44 in.
48 in.
52 in.
Sleeve Length
24 in.
25 in.
26 in.
28 in.
28 in.
28 in.
24 in.
24 in.
24 in.
27 in.
27 in.
27 in.
(Length measures from top of zipper/collar to bottom hem)




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