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Custom Hoodie

by SixOn Clothing
Price $ 70.00

Place an order for a custom hoodie!

Let SixOn sew your custom hoodie! Whether it's a character or series you'd like to be designed into a hoodie, size modifications, an adaptation, or an original idea, I can make it for you.

How to Order:

1. Size a size, follow the chart below. If you need size customization, please request it in the "Additional Info" box.

2. Select a budget:

  • New Designs: If you're looking to have a new hoodie designed, select the budget that fits what you are looking for: if you want more details, select a higher budget, or a simpler style select a lower budget.
  • Store Designs: If you need a store hoodie customized (like longer or shorter sleeves/length, etc), you can add the design to cart and request it in the "Special Instructions" without extra charge. If you want to add additional details/emblems to the hoodie, please select the appropriate budget cost (i.e. hoodie cost + additional amount, please don't set a budget of $70 and request a $110 hoodie to be customized, the order will be refunded and will not be processed). If you are not sure, please email me.

3. Copy/Paste a link to an image if needed. (A character you'd like a hoodie based on, an adaptation of what a character is wearing, an original idea, etc.)

4. Additional Info for sizing and details (sleeve length, height, detailing, emblems, color, etc).

5. Please know prices are not finalized, the final cost may be more depending on the amount of details that goes into the hoodie on based on request. A final invoice will be sent upon completion. Most designs would stay at the base cost.

Size Chart:

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large 2XL
34 in.
36 in.
40 in.
44 in.
48 in.
52 in.
Sleeve Length
24 in.
25 in.
26 in.
28 in.
28 in.
28 in.
24 in.
24 in.
24 in.
27 in.
27 in.
27 in.
(Length measures from top of zipper/collar to bottom hem)


Terms & Conditions

By placing a custom hoodie order, you agree that:

Hoodies will be made from polyester/cotton. Materials and fabric will vary from hoodie to hoodie, the best colors, fabric, and notions will be used based on SixOn's opinion. The amount of detailing that goes into a hoodie will be based on the budget at SixOn's discretion. SixOn will determine what can and can not be reasonably added to a hoodie based on the budget.



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