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Link Hunt

On October 11th, 2014...

5 Links will be roaming Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

Can you find these 5?


Join us and play SixOn Clothing's

5 Links will be roaming around Little Tokyo, find all 5 within the time limit for a chance to win prizes!

How To Play:

1. Download the official Link Hunt Scavenger Form, click here.

2. On October 11th, 2014, 5 Links will be roaming around Little Tokyo from 1pm to 3pm, a map of the area is on the form. When you see a Link, get to him!

3. Approach the Link to have him stamp your form. Find all 5 Links (if you can!) and have each stamp your form.

4. When you have all 5 stamps, TWEET a picture of your winning form IMMEDIATELY via Twitter (to @SixOnClothing) to secure your winning spot! (this helps guarantee the fairness on who was first).

First 15 persons to find all FIVE Links:

1st - Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Limited Edition 3DS
2nd - Legend of Zelda Limited Edition Link Between Worlds 3DS Bundle
3rd - Link Between Worlds Musical Treasure Chest
4th - Good Smile Figma Skyward Sword Link Figure
5th - Hyrule Warriors for Wii U
TEN winners afterwards win a Legend of Zelda Link Hoodie (green) from SixOn Clothing

After all the winners have been announced, you can still play! 

Find at least:

5 Links - 20% Off Coupon Code
4 Links - 15% Off Coupon Code
3 Links - 10% Off Coupon Code

5. Claim your prize at XLanesLA! Navi will be there to verify your form.

333 S Alameda St #300
Los Angeles, CA 90013
*Located on the third floor of the Little Tokyo Shopping Center

Please read ALL instructions, rules, and guidelines. Any problems and discrepancies will lead to immediate disqualification. 

Good luck and have fun!


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Will the Links be hiding?

Nope! All the Links will be in full view at all times, but they will constantly be on the move, they will not linger in one area for long.

I saw a Link! Can he wait for me to cross the street/finish my purchase/etc first?

The Links are on the move, they are unable stop for anyone, but they will not run from you either. Exercise caution as you search for them! Don't put yourself into danger! The Links will be walking and will not run from anyone.

What if I catch a Link while crossing the street?

They will step aside from streets, busy intersections, store fronts, stairs, and walkways to avoid blocking traffic before stamping your form.

Can I tackle/grab/stalk the Links?

Please don't! Please do not come in any form of physical contact with the Links for their safety and your own. A light tap on the shoulder to catch their attention if necessary is permissible, but please do not harm/stalk the Links!

Do the stamps need to come from different Links?

Yes, you would need to find all 5 individual Links: Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Black. A Link can not stamp your form twice.

Can I have more than one form?

Please only one form per player.

If I win, how will you know that I'm the winner?

Be sure to tweet a picture of the 5 stamps with your name and email filled in (if you do not want to post your real name/email publicly, use a nickname/alternative email address) right away to @SixOnClothing via Twitter. When you claim your prize in person at XLanesLA, Navi will verify your form with the picture, checking to make sure the stamps, name/nickname, and email matches.

Do I need to find all five Links?

If you want to win the prizes, then yes, the first 15 players to find all 5 will win the prizes listed above. Afterwards, you can find 5, 4, or 3 Links for coupon codes that can be used on 

Can the prizes be mailed to me?

The prizes must be claimed in person by 3:30pm at XLanesLA otherwise it would be considered forfeited.

What if I don't have a Twitter account or a smartphone?

Twitter is used to help ensure the fairness on who was first since the Links will be all over Little Tokyo. If you don't want to use Twitter or you do not have a smartphone, you can still play! Take your completed form to XLanesLA, you can still win a prize if others have not found all the Links at a first-come first-serve basis (the Twitter tweet just helps secure your spot as you make your way to XLanesLA, please know tweets will have priority).

How do I keep in track who's won and what prizes are left?

Keep checking the @SixOnClothing Twitter feed! We'll be updating constantly throughout the Link Hunt.