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All hoodies on are completely handmade in the USA by a single seamstress. There is no factory, giant machines, automated machinery, conveyor belts, hundreds of workers, or mass-production; corporations can churn out thousands of one product, but it loses the value and uniqueness that a handmade item can offer. Each individual hoodie from SixOn Clothing is carefully crafted and sewn together by hand by seamstress Nancy. 

Quality & Pricing
With all the hoodies handmade individually, everything is carefully inspected and crafted together. Only the finest materials are used in construction to add to the quality of each one. Prices are just slightly higher than manufactured products, but you will be paying for quality, attention to detail, and the unique element of each product of SixOn Clothing that was made just for you.

All products on were made from original ideas, sketches, and patterns. Hours and hours were put into designing, drafting, testing, and perfecting each work. SixOn Clothing asks that all the ideas, designs, and works not be stolen, reproduced, imitated, distributed, or used without permission. It is morally wrong to claim someone else’s work as your own and to profit off another person’s creativity. One would not get far if one relies on theft and plagiarism to get through life. SixOn Clothing believes that everyone has the potential and ability to create their own works. If you work hard and believe in yourself, you will succeed!