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Attack on Titan Embroidery Files

September 11, 2018

Attack on Titan Embroidery Files

Funimation issued an official statement a few years ago that anything that is or resembles a copyrighted artwork will be subject to be removed, whether it was fanmade or not. At conventions, exhibitors were given thorough warnings that our booth will be shut down if they find anything conflicting.

I opted to stop working on Attack on Titan hoodies since the standout details are the regimen emblems. There's still sellers out there that sell the cosplays, hoodies, and just the patches, but I decided to stay on the safe side and to honor a company's official request of 2D compositions. Artwork is a tricky area compared to something that is just inspired by.

The embroidery files I've had has been sitting around ever since. I thought of doing giveaways with them, but I also wanted to give back to the fan community. I decided to distribute them for free, so fans can work on their own cosplays and I'm happy to help. :)

I only ask that the files are used for personal and individual use ONLY. Please do not use them for commercial and for-profit purposes, such as using the files to make patches for sale, using the files to make cosplays and projects for sale (costumes, bags, etc), selling the files, etc. The system does track every download, if there is any abuse it will be taken down immediately, please don't ruin it for everyone and let everyone enjoy it! :)

Click here for Attack on Titan Embroidery Patches Files

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